Assistance in obtaining licenses for casino brokers bookmakers

The head or Deputy head of the organization, carrying out activities in the gambling business must meet certain requirements, namely to work in this organization’s main place of work, have at least 3 years of experience in the field of gambling in the position of head or Deputy head of the legal entity of the CIS, the EU (with the exception of working part-time) or an individual entrepreneur registered on the territory of CIS, EU.
Gambling establishment could not accommodate:

  • On objects of not completed construction;
  • In temporary shelters;
  • In premises where located educational institutions, public health organizations, religious organizations;
  • In residential buildings;
  • In the premises of state bodies, banks and non-Bank financial institutions, post offices and telecommunications;
  • In the premises of sanatorium-resort and Wellness organizations and organizations of culture, physical culture and sports constructions;

With the exception of bookmakers and totalizators, which can be located in physical fitness facilities.

As stock brokers on the stock Exchange can be accredited

  • the legal entity of the CIS, the EU, foreign and international legal persons (organizations not being legal entities), individual entrepreneurs registered in the CIS,the EU.

A stock broker needs to meet certain requirements imposed by the exchange, in particular:

  • Carry out business activities as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur for a period of not less than 3 years in the relevant segment of the market, strong financial position, the presence of at least two of the recorded (registered) by the stock exchange traders.

Trader — a physical person who is a representative of a party to the exchange trade (in this case, Your organization as a stockbroker) and is authorized to make exchange transactions.

Only satisfying these requirements the applicant may be accredited as a stock broker.

Then you can proceed to the accreditation of a stockbroker.

First you need to establish a joint-stock company itself. To do this:

  • To appoint an auditor;
  • To prepare the constituent documents;
  • To open a Bank account;
  • Register at the notary;
  • To pay the share capital — 25 000 Euro;
  • Register at Central securities.
  • To register a company name.
  • To execute the contract on the legal address.
  • To register and activate the company in all regulatory bodies.

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